Welcome to Michigan! Mackinac Island, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is know for its fudge. The story goes back more than 100 years when summer tourism became accessible to more people (and the Michigan weather nicer).
People came to associate sweet treats and being on vacation and candy making began in earnest in the region.
These days, an estimated 10,000 (!) lbs of fudge is made each day during the peak summer season. If you happen to be there in August, don’t miss the Mackinac Island Fudge Festival which happens each year.
One of the more prolific agriculture crops in Michigan is the cherry, especially the Montmorency Cherry.
Chocolate Cherry Fudge is one of the more popular items at Murdick’s Main Fudge Shop. Mr Murdick was the original producer of fudge on the island back in 1887.
We hope you enjoy our version of this sweet treat!

Chocolate Cherry Fudge


12 oz bittersweet chocolate chips
1-14 oz can sweetened condensed milk
1/2 C dried cherries (Montmerency if possible), coarsely chopped
1 t almond extract


Prepare pan: Line an 8-inch square pan with parchment paper. Cut the paper in a rectangle long enough so that it extends over the sides of the pan. (You will use this to easily remove the fudge from the pan after it has chilled.)
In a double boiler, combine sweetened condensed milk and chocolate chips. Heat until all the chocolate is melted and the mixture is smooth.
Remove from heat and add in cherries and almond extract. Spread in prepared pan and chill until firm, about 3 hours.